28 June 2007

Saying Goodbye

I don't buy into the whole vodka tonic in a little tumbler, or even a kiddie glass, as I've seen in some places. VODKA TONIC deserves a fuckin' pint glass! Gimme a damned pint of glory! Give me a mouthful of joy! Keep your fucking lime and straw, I want a drink, not a fucking "cocktail".
Drinkers need big glasses. Professionals need big glasses. Social butterflies want cocktails and ice and lacy fucking decoration on their shit.
In other news, I'm not drunk. I'm painting, and drinking, heading towards bed and a start to an Elvis movie.
Sold some paintings today, in theory, I haven't gotten the money yet. It's a little sketchy actually, and I'm nervous. Not crime sketchy, but I don't think you get where I'm coming from sketchy.

It's a conflicting case of fortunately and unfortunately. The two Chuck Norris wine bottle paintings to be precise, and as I said, I felt a little reluctant to part with them. I had one of those moments where I thought to myself,
"Self," thought I, "these paintings should be part of a larger set, of perhaps ten or twelve Norris Vineyards pieces."
"I am sick of Chuck Norris." I replied,"And 550 dollars is good cash money. Parting is such sweet sorrow, but good riddance. I can do something else interesting now."
I think I said something else to myself, but I can't recall. That's the point of the whole thinbg I guess, selling my work, and "supporting" myself, or at least securing some travel/girl/liquor/movie money.
Speaking of g/l/m, tomorrow we're getting together again. I am rather enthused.

27 June 2007

A Great Deal

It might be difficult to see at first, but click on the image. This is the big accomplishment of the night. Remarkably easy if you ask me, I wasn't expectiong to be this far in a week. Cool. Whatever

Read a good deal of the new Ian McEwan novel, On Chesil Beach. Definitely not something I would ever pick up on my own. Nonetheless absorbing, I'm over half done. Finally, I watched Panther Squad and Revenge of the Ninja, bith for the second time, took notes, and am going to crack the review barrier within moments.

26 June 2007

A Puzzle

Well the phone rang today and I answered it. I also read a hell of a lot of an interesting new book about Saul Alinsky. When I got home I made some pasta and vegetables with basil pesto, and watched Charles Bronson in Assassination, with Jill Ireland. What a laugh. That move was gimmick from start to finish. Now I'm going to go and try and write a review of it.

Easy Way Out

I had the idea for this drawing last week.


Sometimes I'm able to channel my frustration well. This grindhouse poster is an example of that. I am very pleased with the results. Still waiting for the phone to ring, but pleased with the results.
I realized that I',m probably expecting too much too fast, and in the past when I've been successful, it hasn't been immediate.

I had some damn good coffee today. The coffee I had tasted like a surprise trip to the mall, being as embarassed as Laura, but still having a great time despite an almost sunburn. I lok tan, or rather red in my new shoes and conspicuous consumption. I arrived home and was depressed. Ate too much red curry, had a stomach ache and proceeded to get intoxicated.

And finally, I broke the fundamental Chuck Norris rule and consciously, willingly even rewatched part (not all) of Silent Rage.

25 June 2007

Tattoo Plan

This is an early incarnation of THIS final tattoo design. I was trying to figure out the jaguar element.

Soul Pollution

Am I a human being, or just arms connected to a spine?


Sometimes my friends are fucking assholes.
This makes me think that I am sometimes an asshole to my friends.


I want some fucking orange juice.
Is it possible to do pennance for a sin you have yet to commit?

Yeah Sure

What a grandiose title, and I'm sure that something really significant will come of it. Way to set yourself up for stupidity. Asshole. Ha ha, I love self deprication. it makes me less arrogant. Arrogance is unnatractive. Alcoholism is also unnatractive. So is stupidity and high expectations. No, high expectations aren't stupid, just weak.
He knows he aint loved at all.
OK, try this: