21 September 2007

Self With Future

It still needs a background, but that's in my head and only needs time. Parents for the next week.

18 September 2007

Power of Progress

Whew, really, two and a half whole days of working on this. Finally the meat is in the grinder and the sausages come out like wearable turds of pride and hardness work. I'm proud of myself and Phill for busting out some 30, two-color t-shirts in 2 days. Brilliant. We already have ideas for new screens. Damn, it feels good to be on fire.

14 September 2007

Self With Future

I've been wasting a lot of time over the past several years. Suddenly I feel the need to make up for it. Anybody have any suggestions for sleeping less and working more?

12 September 2007

Micro Tea

I was pretty much on fire today.

Up at 8:30 and had coffee, finishing Orwell's Down and Out In Paris and London. Returned home where I excercised for an hour and a half while watching Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue. After that, I started on the whale, stopping briefly to eat a big lunch at 4:30. More painting then green tea at Miro Tea on Ballard Ave. Definitely going there more often especially while the weather is nice.

Back home, great sketch for the final page of the website update, and more painting, finally finishing the whale while watching Dance of the Drunken Mantis.

Some trailers for even awesomer kung-fu-gunfight movies.

And bedtime.

10 September 2007


Sending this to potential clients.

Google Image Search Is A Pandora's Box

Keyword: "Chuck Norris" resulted in lots of pictures of Chuck Norris.

And this.

A Word In My Head

(from Wiktionary)
1.) a figure of speech in which one word simultaneously modifies two or more other words such that the modification must be understood differently with respect to each modified word; often causing humorous incongruity
Example: She lowered her standards and her neckline.

(from Websters)
2.) a grammatical construction in which a single word is used in a syntactic relationship with two or more words in the same sentence, though it can agree with only one of them in gender, number, or case
Example: Either they or I am wrong.

09 September 2007

In Dreams

I occasionally see her when she's not there, and I instantly tense up, preparing myself for the coming storm.
Someday, probably once I've stopped looking, I expect to run across that girl, with her husband and a child. When it happens I almost expect to convulse with stomach spasms and vomit on myself. Nevertheless, I plan to be big, dark and terrifying to her when it happens. Not so that she will actually be afraid of me, but so she'll be humbled.
But I'll still be weak.

05 September 2007

Not Too Shabby

Only one day, frankly, somewhat less than 24 hours really, and things are already looking FUCKING AWESOME.

04 September 2007


Anguish proves to be my only means of solace.
Yet I long to be held by anyone.
With Any arms.

I can give it up now. I am not dependant on that now. I can be free. I can be FREE. FREE. I can be free. I can be free. I can wake up, and be free. I can, be free.

e.g.scooters, vacations, fall

03 September 2007


There is a wave within me, that is about




I practically burned out my erasers and still have only a few chicken-scratches on tracing paper to show for it. That means nothing to anyone else, and only slightly more to me. Nothing plus a lot of energy spent at achieving it. The most remarkable point of the day was sleeping for 11 hours, thus wasting a good 3 or more, and reading 50 pages of a good book.
Fuck you. I'm significant.
I may operate in a vacuum, but I'm fucking significant, at the very least in the simple fact that I exist, and I can still burn you down if I want to.

They tell me this is a significant year for an artist. I have 4 and a half months to destroy something beautiful, or make something that means more than me.
Short shrift.
Short fuse.

Relegated to a Backwater Province of the Mind

Another set of good ideas and creative endeavors subjugated beneath an overwhelming mental cataract of drink.
Damn what a waste of a beautiful mind.

02 September 2007

Lil' Mikey Won't Go Away

I'm going to see Halloween.

I had a girlfriend who told me after we broke up that she was always reminded of me when she heard music that she "didn't understand", i.e. the Blues and Jazz.
I hope that whenever she sees trailers for movies about crazed sociopathic serial murderers she is also reminded of me. She never understood that either. Ha ha ha. No really, wouldn't that be funny?

The Best Kind Of Long Day At Work

What a easy peasy day at the salt mine. This the kind of shite I signed up for. Production without the strain. Honestly, all night I worked bit by bit on the wicked green-Thai-curry meal I had been planning since last week.
Why was I planning it? I felt that he stomach is not only the way to a mans heart, but really, anyones heart, and I thought, planned, an awesome green curry would impress this girl. At the very least make her smile, and she has such a great smile. I think it did both. We basically closed the place. That's why I'm posting so late.
I don't know, I could ramble and write about a million, (or a dozen) little nuances that were fun and good. I could tell the story in such a way that anyone who reads this might tell me how smooth I was. Or the opposite. In the end, I had a good time, I feel good now, will go to bed with a smile, and remember that as she was getting on the bus she responded,
"I would love to."
Right now, that's enough for me.