31 October 2007

Brain and Pain

I went to class today right after shoveling a giant delicious vegan breakfast into my fuel hole.

The whole way there on the bus I read about the genocidal civil war in the former Yugoslavian states. Class interestingly enough was a breeze, but I managed to get a 100+ on my Anthropology paper. The plus meaning I was given an unknown, mystery number of magical extra points more than 100. I'm a little embarassed because I kindof thought the paper sucked. But hey what do I know.

Went to the tattoo shop and had my maya tattoo touched up. It was amazing how much indifference I approached 2 hours of voluntary pain. And, the time flew by.

29 October 2007

Poster Makes The Day

Given that I have none more to give for today, I concede this.
For several hours I read chapter 5 in my Geography textbook, goddamn it, I'm dedicated. And it paid off. It was an interesting chapter dealing with population. Very meaty. Also made this poster which will get a few tweaks tomorrow before Grindhouse. My review of Flashpoint, starring Treat Williams and Kris Kristofferson appears at www.genrebusters.com.
After listening to Elliott Smiths New Moon for 4 days, I've switched to a local band, Aqueduct.
I'll probably kill you in the morning, but for tonight, I'll beg you for my life.

28 October 2007

Never Trust A Southern Doctor

I got a 90.53 on my Geography midterm. Out of 80 questions, I missed 9 "points". Unfortunately, two of the questions were incorrect. That is, my answers were right, but the database was confused about the reality of the facts.

Alpine glaciers;
A.)are rivers of ice that flow from places where snow accumulates year-to-year to places that are warmer where ice melts.
B.)form near the peaks of individual mountains.
C.)both B and C
D.)are thick layers of ice exceeding 3 kilometers in thickness.

Points Earned:
Correct Answer:C
Your Response:B

How many time zones are shared by the 48 conterminous U.S. states and the Canadian provinces?

Points Earned:
Correct Answer: B
Your Response: A

I might, just might be willing to concede the second question, the ultimate decision lies with the Canadian government, does Nova Scotia count as a Territory? According to all my maps, YES.
The first question is a no brainer, literally. How can C be correct? A and B both refer to glaciers, but B refers only to Alpine Glaciers. C is a fucking catch 22, so how can I be wrong here?

My teacher sent me an e-mail explaining why I was wrong on both questions. I replied with a second request to consider the broadly accepted version of reality, and give me credit for my answers.
Whatever happens, I have absolutely zero trust in this teacher anymore. How can I believe a guy who is so completely thick, or distracted as to miss this shit?
His name is Robert E. Lee. No shit. Doctor Robert E. Lee.
Never trust a southern doctor.

(it's only two points, and I got a 90, so I won't take it past this, but still.)

27 October 2007


The most intimidating thing about Travis Bickle is that at the end of his cleaning spree, he tries to do himself, but is out of bullets. He shot the other people too much to shoot himself. So you know that he's going to be crazier next time.

23 October 2007


I found out the other day that the financial aid office at Seattle Central has rejected my request for aid based on the fact that I already have an AA degree, even though they gave me aid for almost a year prior. That means (unless I talk them down) that I will have to pay for school out of pocket, or, get some scholarships. I've never gotten a scholarship because I've always had a fear of the process of writing and rejection.

In any case I was presented today with an interesting concept which will not leave my mind. Chomsky's "Population Pressure Model". See Image. Its a rather frightening portrayal of Hyperindustrialism and a service based economy which leaves literally NO options except for escalating global warfare, reconsideration of our social system or utter collapse from within. All in the very near future. Within my lifetime.
Anyway, I decided I don't care what it takes to keep going to school.

The Paper

I'll warn you, it's just over 7 pages, and still needs some work, but I thought I would post it here so that anyone brave enough to go through with it could give me some editing tips if they felt so inclined. In any case, here it is:

The Myth of Race, and the Reality of Racism
In the American social system, there has long been a powerful disparity between the ruling class and the ruled. The powerful systematic domination of whites in American society has been justified in many ways, both scientifically and fantastically. While the manifestations of this system have sometimes changed, the essence of it lies in the perceived social and legal definitions of race. An understanding of how race has been, and is today categorized, labeled and defined, and the accumulated effects of these labels is essential to an understanding of how the American model of capitalism functions.

Biologically, geneticists have shown that there is no difference between the many cultures and peoples on Earth. But when society is stratified, domination of one group over another becomes a systematic phenomenon rather than a unique element of the society. This requires that the dominating group must define terms by which acceptable members are categorized, often these definitions fall along perceived lines of “racial” difference. As Anthropologist Jorge Klor de Alva has said, these racial labels can have different contexts within different cultures. (Cornel West 500)
Humans are uniquely endowed with the ability to communicate with language. One element of this communications system is the necessity to name and label things in the environment, including members of the community, in order that effective communication can take place between individuals in a society. (al-Madani 10-16-07) Language itself was used to define the parameters of race in the 19th century when nationalists used the work of linguists to classify people who spoke related Indo-European languages as being of a common biological race. (MacDougal 119) When different cultures and individual members are required to interact however, in addition to the language differences, there may exist a cultural difference in the meanings of their naming systems. Dichotomizing/Polarization is a labeling process that identifies an object or attribute and contrasts it with all other possible objects, related or unrelated. (ibid) Dehumanization, or stigmatizing is the process of proving the validity or superiority of an object or attribute by merely naming the shortcomings of the contrasted objects, rather than the benefits or superiority of the actual object. A fine example of this can often be seen in the American political system during a campaign. (ibid) Ethnicity according to Conrad Kottak is a feeling of belonging to, or identification with a group to the extent that one feels excluded from other groups because of this association. (Kottak 60/61)

Biological Race
In order that a true unique biological race can be created, the genetic material of a population must be isolated from that of another population for an extremely long time before the two groups can be considered to be different. (al Madani 10-15-07) Geneticists have determined that among the species Homo sapiens, there is no biologically identifiable subspecies. (Race: The Power of an Illusion vol. 3) In practice this means that any sexually viable pair can mate and produce sexually viable offspring. For example, a horse and a donkey can reproduce, but their offspring, a mule is not able to reproduce. There are two ways of accepting this scientific evidence. Essentialism is the idea that among members of a distinct species there are essential universal traits. Among Homo sapiens some of these are the use of language and bipedalism. Constructionism on the other hand describes a model of race as a biological category in which, in the absence of scientific evidence, proof of racial differences within a species is manufactured. (al Madani 10-15-07)
The visible differences within the human species, skin color, hair form etc., are often referred to as racial markers, or Phenotypes and are simply the physical attributes associated with anatomy. (Kottak 71) These markers, taken by alone are merely an indication of the variety of human geographical origin. The first approach to racial markers is purely scientific. The second approach gives deeper, unscientific meaning to these visible markers. Stereotyping assumes that an individual will behave as the observer expects, because of their markers. (ibid)
This classification of people into distinct groups, or social races based on their racial markers purely unscientific, yet many people, some without ever realizing it accept it as factual. In the United States this has taken on a particularly sinister character in the concept of hypodescent, wherein a person is classified into a minority group on the basis of an ancestor in that group. (Kottak 65) The result is that the group in power is able to essentially insulate themselves within the social hierarchy from any challenge by classifying others as outside the group based on the so called one drop rule. (Cornel West 501)

Racism manifests incrementally within society, and is reinforced in different ways. Ethnocentrism is the belief, or thought that ones race is superior or better than others. Prejudice is the carrying out of those thoughts in daily action, and finally discrimination is the carrying out of those prejudices as policy. (Kottak 77) Discrimination occurs on two recognized levels, the individual, and the institutional levels. Individual discrimination occurs as the name implies, between individuals, wherein one person decides to exclude, disfavor, or mistreat someone based solely on their perceived race. Institutional discrimination is somewhat more complex and involves the systematic exercising of discriminatory practices and policies based on perceived race within an organization of any kind. (al Madani 10-16-07) This kind of systematic exclusion requires the definition of what classifies a person as one particular race or another.
Whiteness - Within the post-colonial social structure of the United States, the question of race has inevitably involved the classification and defining of what constitutes white and non-white. As an independent nation the United States was begun as a collection of English colonial states led by men of Anglo-Saxon descent. As the social hierarchy developed, and immigration expanded the cultural diversity of the nation, in order to maintain their power, it became necessary for the political elite to define who could take part in the decision making process.
Citizenship was a prerequisite for participation in American democracy. Without legal citizenship, defined by Congress in 1790 as limited to “free whites”, an individual could not vote. While citizenship was extended to blacks after the Civil War, segregation and Jim Crow laws prevented the exercise of the black vote, and so political power was still restricted to the whites. It became the jurisdiction of the federal court to determine who could be classified as a citizen and thus “white”, but the criteria were ambiguous, and arbitrarily applied, sometimes on the basis of science, and sometimes not. In 1922 the case of a Japanese immigrant, Takao Ozawa’s application for citizenship was refused on the basis of ancestral origin, while later that year that of Bhagat Singh Thind, an Indian was refused on the basis of subjective cultural definitions. (Race: The Power of an Illusion vol. 3)
In the case of European immigrants however the story was decidedly different. While southern, and eastern Europeans had long been considered inferior, it was assumed by the political system that they would be eligible for citizenship once they had been assimilated into American Culture, that is, when they were sufficiently Americanized. The Unionization of skilled labor and union practices effectively locked non-Europeans out, keeping them restricted to unskilled, domestic and migrant work where they remained in constant poverty. Thus the image of the hardworking (European) immigrant who had pulled themselves up “by their bootstraps” was born. In this environment of racial dichotomy, the older distinctions between whites themselves began to disappear, and after the conclusion of World War 2 the distinction between white and everything else became even more pronounced. (F)
With the return of American soldiers from overseas, there was a huge demand for new housing. The Federal Housing Administration, an organization created as part of the National Housing act of 1934, was created to make home ownership possible for the average person. While this stimulated a tremendous boom in home loans and construction, it proved to be quite discriminatory. It was perceived by many in the FHA itself that if black families were allowed to move into all white neighborhoods financed by the FHA, the Real Estate values would plummet. Since the 1930’s Real Estate investors had categorized neighborhoods based on the concept of integrated neighborhoods being socially and financially unstable. This “redlining” of white neighborhoods was used by aggressive real estate entrepreneurs to scare whites into selling their homes cheaply so they could then be sold to blacks at higher prices. (Race: The Power of an Illusion vol. 3) (Horwitt 328)
In the post civil-rights movement era, it has been widely assumed by many people that the idea of discrimination on an institutional level has been dealt. The 1968 Fair Housing Act removed racial language from federal housing policy, but since then the trend of property devaluation in minority neighborhoods has continued. The problem lies in the fact that the Fair Housing Act, and many other anti-discrimination laws did nothing to address the generations of racial inequalities and privilege that came before.

White Privilege
After hundreds of years of social stratification based on race, a distinct pattern has emerged. The benefits of social superiority are passed down from previous advantaged generations to the next. When the parents die their children inherit their wealth and property, and in turn pass it on to their own children, in essence giving the next generation a head start. This is called Accumulated Differential Advantages, and it means that over the generations, the privileges are compounded, and the distance between the privileged and underprivileged grows ever wider. (al Madani 10-16-07) (Race: The Power of an Illusion vol. 3)
The Civil Rights Act of 1968 was the Lyndon Johnson Administrations response to black militancy and civil unrest in the face of discrimination, and was intended to correct some of this systemic discrimination , but it included many exemptions and was even used to prosecute civil rights leaders. (Zinn 461) Affirmative Action laws are another more recent attempt to address the effect of accumulated advantages, the purpose being to guarantee underprivileged minorities some measure of access to universities and employment, either through the use of quotas, preferential treatment or recruitment. (al Madani 10-16-07) Opponents of Affirmative action have succeeded in many cases in challenging the laws in court, claiming that it is “reverse racism” and the cause of low black-self esteem. (Cornel West 496) In many cases this challenge has been successful and Affirmative action practices have been effectively banned.

Science has continually refuted any claim that there is any biological difference within the variety of humanity. In order to establish and maintain a structure of dominance however, it has been necessary for the white elite to manufacture a legal system of oppression which preys upon fictitious and equally manufactured racial differences. In the course of the 20th and 21st centuries this system has been slowly, but only partially and against great resistance revealed for what it is. Some measures, although usually only temporarily effective, have been undertaken to address the present discriminatory practices, but nothing has been done to redress the historical and very real cumulative disadvantage to which non-whites are daily subjected. Until this is done, and the foundation of racism upon which American capitalism is built, there cannot be racial equality.

Horwitt, Sanford D. Let Them Call Me Rebel. New York: Alfred A Knopf, 1989
Kottak, Conrad Phillip. Mirror For Humanity Fifth Edition. New York: McGraw Hill, 2007
MacDougal, Hugh A. Racial Myth in English History. Montreal: Harvest House, 1982
West, Cornell. The Cornel West Reader. New York: Civitas, 1999
Zinn, Howard. A People’s History of the United States. New York: Harper Collins, 2001

20 October 2007

What does it mean?

Does pop-culture apropriation (co-opting) of opressive political symbology (Hammer and sicle, swastika, Che etc.) facilitate the disempowerment of the ideas associated with those symbols? Or does it facilitate their continued existence?


The outline of my forthcoming paper for my Cultural Anthropology class. The parenthetical notations refer to sources and page numbers where I'm getting my citations. All this while listening to German news radio on the internet. Wierd.

The Myth of Race, and the Reality of Racism

1) The Issue: The Matrix of Domination and the Categorization Process (The Creation of the Other). In this context I will define and discuss Ethnicity, Biological Race, Social Race, Whiteness & White Privilege and The continuum of Ethnocentrism-to-Genocide, including Individual & Institutional Racism.

2) The Claim (Thesis): Biologically, race itself is a myth, but within the context of culture it becomes a system of calculated oppression based on illusory differences.

3) The Evidence:
1. The Matrix of Domination
a) Stratification of society (L)
b) Systematic domination (L)
2. Categorization Process
a) Naming/labeling (L) (CW 500)
b) Aggregate and disaggregate (L)
c) Dichotomizing/Polarization (L)
d) Dehumanization (L)
3. Ethnicity (K60/61)
a) Plural Society (K73)
b) Status ascribed/achieved (K61)
4. Biological Race
a) No Subspecies, cultural lens (F)
1) Speciation (L)
2) Essentialism (L)
3) Constructionism (L)
b) Racial Markers (K59-60)
1) Phenotype (71)
2) Stereotype
5. Social Race
a) Social Races (K64)
b) Hypodescent (K65) (CW 501)
6. Whiteness
a) Legal definitions
1) Takao Ozaka (F)
2) Bagat Sinh Thind (F)
b) European Immigration
1) “In between people”, eventual assimilation (F)
c) WW II, GI Bill (F)
7. White Privilege
a) Accumulated Differential Advantages
b) Affirmative Action (L) (CW496-7)
8. Ethnocentrism
9. Genocide
a) Ethnocide/Ethnic Cleansing (K78)
10. Racism
a) Individual Racism
1) Prejudice (K77)
2) Discrimination (K77)
b) Institutional Racism
1) Civil Rights Acts of 60’s
i. Civil Rights Act of ’68 (PHUS 456-7, 461)
2) Unionization of skilled labor
i. Image of “bootstrap” immigrants (F)
ii. Exclusion of domestics, migrants (F)
3) Federal Housing Administration (F)
i. Redlining, White Flight, Blockbusting (F) (SA 328)
4) Fair Housing Act (F)
5) Racial Geography (F)
i. Dual white/black housing market (F)
ii. Home equity (F)
6) “Colorblindness”
i. Misconception of racial equality (F) (CW497)4)

The Conclusion: Racism is a very real and powerful institution in America. Whether we know it or not, and whether we agree with it or not, we all participate in it and perpetuate it on a daily basis.

13 Year Incursion

I'm writing a long letter to the Department of Homeland Security in which I refer to my acne problem as a terrorist incursion.

For thirteen years terrorist cells have been infiltrating, and inciting unrest, destruction and suffering within the epidermal regions of my face. The terrorists frequntly instigate explosive attacks which often spread to adjacent areas before the local authorities are able to regain temporary control.
Local counter-terrorist forces have proven insufficiently equipped to deal effectively with the enemy insurgents for any length of time.

Perhaps if I'm convincing enough, I'll get federal funding.

19 October 2007

Today's Special

I should stop being concerned that people sometimes find me threatening and intense. It saves me from having to spend time with them. Boring stupid fucks. Fuck 'em all.
That's a selling point, not shelf wear.
You are the most confusing person I've met. I don't get it, what the hell do you want from me?
I have to write an 8 page paper on Race and Racism as a Cultural Construct for my Anthropology class. It's due Thursday, 25. Then I have my first exam and my first "Scenario" which I have to analyze and explain for my Geography class. I believe it concerns the Spanish Armada, and is due on Friday, 26.
Would you believe I'm kindof looking forward to this?
Ask me again on Wednesday.

15 October 2007

Today's Lessons

1. Vietnam was the defining (political) focalpoint of my (our?) parents generation. What is our generations defining point? (and this avoids the fact that "generation" is now a pop term) One might instinctively say the Iraq War, because they are both wars, and wars are pretty heavy. This may be old news to everybody else, but I guess it was 9-11. Really? The definition of "generation" bears further investigation, but I belive that that is it.

2. Post Holocaust wasteland dwellers have a remarkable sense of fashion design. I can't tell you how many movies I've watched in which nuke-mutants with crossbows sport groovy poly-form-plastic-armor or molded leather face masks and custom decorated apocoacycles. I want neither, but I love watching people sport them with gusto.

3. There are two types of motivation behind a documentary.
1.a.) This is what happened. Interviews with survivors/participants after the fact.
1.b.) This is what is happening. Filmed on location, on the spot as events occur.
Each form has it's sub derivatives, but that is I think the basic gist of the deal. The second category almost always results in the better material, but the first is usually more consistent.

My review of Night Force appears on Genrebusters, along with my buddies review of another interesting film called Isolation. Both were surprising, witness the aftermath:

Ranting and raving I retreat to the horizontal energy recouperation pod.

13 October 2007


Arbitrary enforcement of law, and the verdict is in: Black people face punishment for heinous crime of being black. Punishment, death.

Seventy Five

Seventy five percent of this movie was written and directed by a robot.
Seventy five percent of this movie was written and directed.
Seventy five percent of this movie wasn't written or directed.
Seventy five percent of this movie wasn't.
Seventy five percent of this movie.
Jimmy Carter.

12 October 2007


I am pretty fucking sure that I mean nothing.
I have never felt that my parents are bad people.
I have only felt that they are good people with far too samll a voice.
That said, I need to be separate from them.
I need them to be away from me, and not responsible for me, and not dependant on me.

Really our parents are dependant on us.
Beyond a certain age, our parents rely on us to verify their existence. Was it worth it? Have I vindicated myself?

If only my parents could feel fulfilled and know that I was okay, and never ask again.

I hate myself. I think almost every day about my own death. I wish it, I feel it, and I know how easy and close it is. I want it here and now. I wish nothing more than my own oblivion(to wish it is to value it) and dissapearance. You can have it.
I weep as I write this.
Elimination requires a dedication which precludes ALL interference.
Somehow there is no way I can ever articulate all of my,
I am nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, make me nothing. Make me go away. No don't make me anything, to acknowledge me is to concede.
I hate waking up in the morning.

The Dumbening

This is something that has bothered me for a while, and I'll begin to articulate it here. I am gathering evidence, so there may be some disconnected sentences, it's a project in development.

I've heard people talking about the shortening attention spans of the pregressive generations, and the increasing tendency to diagnose children with "ADD" (Attention Deficit Disorder) which is usually treated with pharmaceutical drugs, while the cause, overwhelmingly television and other mass media is mostly overlooked. (I propose that this is primamrily because to address the problem would fly in the face the addiction that the very parents themselves of the ADD children have to TV etc. And I hate to villify TV alone, but it is a glaring example)
(Increasingly we are hearing of adults being "diagnosed" with "Adult ADD" which in the USA sounds a little like diagnosing a fish with "swimming")
But the danger comes not from "ADD" kids failure to pay attention to their parents or to sit still at the dinner table, or even in class (although this is one small element of the problem which I am getting to). The danger lies in their ability to project relevant importance onto past events, and extrapolate their future consequences. Essentially this is a case of failing to understand history and it's impact. In inability to look much beyond the immediate or very near future. And at this point the phenomenon crosses over from the relatively small group of ADD "sufferers" to the majority of the American (and Americanized) people.

Example 1. "Walk the Line" The mediocre and saccharine 2005 film about Johnny Cash, which, excuse the unfortunate pun, cashed in on the resurgence in popularity that Cashs' music underwent in his final years among a decidedly hip young crowd. In the wake of the film, as with many pop culture icons who are glorified on film or TV (Ray Charles is an easy example) Johnny Cash had an even bigger and even shorter lived resurgence in popularity, this time including a decidedly fickle audience. (people who never actually were Cash fans, but latched onto the film for a short time(this is unfortunately the nature of the pop/mass culture beast)) While music recorded by Johnny Cash is readily available at (arguably) every record store in the US the soundtrack to "Walk the Line" features Cash songs performed by a studio band (check) and sung by Joaquin Phoenix. And thus, the history and memory of Johnny Cash becomes something which he was definitely not, a mediocre film, and a soundtrack with other people playing his music. It will take a person with an interest in real music history to actually understand what Johnny Cash really was.

Example 2. a. The Iraq War. It is impossible and pointless to compare the Iraq War to Vietnam. While there may be some fundamental similarities, both wars were started for the long term benefit of defense contractors (Vietnam: Bell & Dow(Napalm?), Iraq (Haliburton etc. (find more)) and oil (in Iraq, but equavalent in 'Nam?). And the current American kleptocracy, like Johnson and Nixon, is foundering in a unjustifiable "quagmire". The first Gulf War was too short, and ended a full 12 (check) years before Iraq, and Vietnam, thanks to film and TV media again, is too far distant and too completely intangible to current generations. (more MORE! we're getting there, this is good)

Example 2.b. The Draft (conscription and "universal military service") Would we be in Iraq if everyones son/daughter was required to serve a given period of time in the military? Simply, no, period. Direct personal impact = level of concern and interest in the issue. (Example 2.b.II falling voter turnout.)

Thus, history, the most important academic discipline (arguably, on an even keel with anthropology) has become, except to the discerning few, irrelevant. (summarize why)

END (for now)

I'd be glad to accept any pointers, suggestions, or helpful sources of information resources to support, or refute my thesis here.

09 October 2007

On Track

I've had to sortof strap things down in the last couple of days, even more than usual. I know it's wierd I keep talking about this as if I were a machine. Well, I sortof am.
I have scheduled out my week and have everything lined up to the hour, give or take a few minutes for the near future. Follow the schedule, achieve your goals. Do not deviate without permission.
I posted the update of the website yesterday, but haven't sent out the e-mail yet because there are a few things that need to be fixed first. Had some FTP trouble posting it, but negotiated that shoal. www.sgillustration.com (shhh it's not quite ready)
My bitching (with somebody elses I'm sure) got the Geography teacher to drop the quiz questions from the textbook publishers website. They were in fact somewhat innacurate as I suspected. And he very nearly called me stupid when I first mentioned it. Asshole. But in any case the class is a lot more fun already. yay!
New movie reviews have been posted lately at genrebusters:
Jungle Warriors
Eastern Promises
also read my friend Daniels review of Eastern Promises, he's far less crude than I:

Tomorrow? Homework, coffee, class, harware store, homework and drawing, in that order. No more, no less.

05 October 2007

Chuck Norris Wines

I had to come up with something to paint for an opening at a wine shop. At the time I was watching every single Chuck Norris movie I could get my hands on in order to calculate the statistical information on his facial hair. I have since lost that information and sold these paintings. The labels were taken directly from the VHS box art.


Geography is an area of study that is far more complex, difficult and deeply affected by tengentical nerdy subdivisions than I could have ever immagined. Each week I have to read some 40 pages of small type rife with complex information and related terms, maps, ridiculousness, and answer a bunch of fucking tangentical questions. The questions themselves feature tiny online maps (it's an online class) which are near impossible to read, and after searching for answers online for an hour I'm still only AVERAGING 75%!
I only hope my teacher understands my e-mail in which I argued that book editions were different, information was not provided "in text", and maps were nearly unreadable online.
I'm an honor student, I can't be this stupid... right?

03 October 2007

A Chef I worked for a number of years ago wanted this for a tattoo he got on his forearm.

02 October 2007


This is a watercolor sketch of a fake movie poster. Ignore the fact that it looks like it has a flowing mane. That's a dorsal fin. Looks like a bunch of Lamprey on the sneak right? What would make it look more sinester, more doom-like? Blackness.Claustrophobic blackness. I wish somehow I could make them more imposing without the added "humanoid monster" aspect.

Oh fuck, I just had a great idea. As I was writing this. damn, that might be the best idea ever. Talk about imposing.

Parents are gone now, I need to write to a couple people, but school is back in effect, I feel energized, focused, and with even less time than I ever thought possible. My brain is like a too-small bag of microwave popcorn. Nuke it, watch it explode.

Ideas needs some air to breathe.