31 March 2008

Heart of Gold

Shirley Jones as Lulu Baines in 1960's Elmer Gantry, a role for which she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

Burt Lancaster won the best actor Oscar as the title charachter, a hard drinking fire & brimstone evangelist preacher.He falls in love with a woman preacher played by Jean Simmons (also quite beautiful)but tragedy of course strikes in the form of Gantrys former lover and now prostitute (Jones) who messes things up, but turns out to be nice on the inside too.

Not nearly as good a film as 1958's Some Came Running starring Frank Sinatra and Shirley MacLaine, but the Shirleys are both tops in my book.

29 March 2008

Palestinian Boy

Love this picture of a kid chucking rocks at an Israeli tank.

27 March 2008

Bedding Diagram

Here, as promised, is the crude diagram for the new blanket deployment system which has yielded excellent tactical toe comfort since it's introduction into the theatre of operations. The sheet stays anchored while the comforter/blanket floats for maximum flexibility and warmth delivery.

26 March 2008

Fun Stuff To Do on a Wednesday

Find out where you can recycle or properly dispose of consumer electronics in your area: My Green Electronics

Write a letter to three major American corporate sponsors of the Beijing Olympics telling them to apply pressure on the Chinese government to respect the human rights of it's own citizens and Tibetan citizens.

McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald's Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

The Coca-Cola Company
P.O. Box 1734
Atlanta, GA 30301

General Electric (no address available online)
Gary Sheffer
GE Corporate, Executive Director - Communications & Public Affairs
1 203 373 3476

Have fun.

21 March 2008

Over The Counter, Under the Cover of Night

These are not mine, but I found them on my floor on two separate occasions.

Someone has been in my room taking perscription medication. You must have to take a decent amount of pills every day for quite a while to be able to drop one without noticing. That means that in order to drop two pills, someone must be taking their medication in my room, while I'm not here, for at least several weeks.

20 March 2008

Oh Dear God Help Us

Looking for images from Amazons vs. Supermen a film that doesn't even have bare breasts, I found this.

19 March 2008


I've been having trouble writing film reviews lately. I'm not sure why, but it seems like every time I sit down at the computer I struggle to come up with something clever, or witty, or sarcastic. Consequently my output has been low, and low quality. As of today, the 19th of the month, I've only written 2 reviews and both are, I think, sub-par. I have a bare bones list of movies that I want to have reviews of by the time I start school again on the 1st.
Rats - 1985 - Bruno Mattei
Amazons vs. Supermen - 1975 - Alfonso Brescia
Mongrel - 1982 - Robert Burns
Ninja Silent Assassin - 1987 - Godfrey Ho
Rider on the Rain - 1969 - Rene Clement


Plegm Diaphragm

I've really been enjoying sleeping lately. I got these new sheets that are really rad, and I devised a new blanket deployment system which utilizes both mobility and security. I'm diagramming the strategy now, and will deliver a full report soon.

At the SAM today I looked at the "Roman art from the Louvre" show, it was pretty interesting going and seeing a display of ancient art on a date. That wen't as well as I could expect, I don't think I can figure this woman out.

Some drawing and a full helping of Graveyard of Honor, the 1975 Japanese film by Kinji Fukasaku, the director of Yakuza Graveyard. It was a gritty yakuza story with lots of bloodshed and misanthropy.In the end the main charachter, Ishikawa leaps to his death, and impacts the pavement face first.
I will go and sleep in the forest now.
There is something sinister about the silent "g" isn't there.

12 March 2008


Soviet postage stamp to comemorate Sputnik.

11 March 2008

The Apartment

I now love this movie.
The circumstances were ridiculous. I got new sheets, with millions of tiny trees on them, and layed in bed and watched The Apartment, and it was good.
This is a great movie, Shirley McClane and Jack Lemon are dynamic as a perfect accident. An instant favorite, I'm a sucker.

09 March 2008

Rebellion is Dead

The first of the color Saints, part of the ongoing series.

Own the original for just $300.


Watching movies with Daniel last night was really fun, it's what I needed, I feel better now. First it was Daughters of Darkness, an Italian(?) vampire sexploitation film. Then it was The Long Goodbye, a Robert Altman directed, Elliott Gould starring movie based on a Raymond Chandler story. This is a movie you actually have to watch because theres a lot of subtlety and drunken chatter is not conducive to that.

This happened also:

Vice Lords

Some Vice Lords hanging out in their neighborhood of Chicago in the early 60's.

07 March 2008

Positive Outlook

I was listening to Stevie Wonder today, at work, on the muzak/white-noise-pod, and it occured to me. Popular music performed and/or written by Afro-Americans was more "positive" during the Civil Rights movement era.

OK, fine, I'll come clean, I don not watch television or listen to the radio, although I have friends who do religiously, and I don't buy records/CD's, well, ever, so I'm very out of touch.
BUT, based on my limited knowledge of pop music between 1950 and 2000, wasn't there a crest of hopefullness somewhere near 1968 or so?
It would make sense, and a cursory perousal of the "evidence" bears it out.
I have no problem with negative music, um, quite the contrary, but based on my lackadasical observation, the pattern has been roughly;
Resignment-Desperation-Hope-"Voluntary" Exclusion-Hostility

Well, that's all I got for tonight. Just a riff.

05 March 2008

04 March 2008

A Combination of Unrelated Adult Events

In class my group partners were as usual pretty scattered and I felt like I had to get their attention. Tomorrow is going to be a farce.
That woman was out of town on an emergency visit of some kind, so I had time to take care of homework.

I went to the doctor and recieved the results of my blood test which was very good. Apparently I have a very low midichlorian count.

The doctor, a woman of no more than 45 years spoke to me about alcohol and drug use, saying that I was a heavy user. Hell I answered honestly, I guess she thinks I drink a lot. Told me that even though it doesn't really affect some peoples health so much, it can change who you are.

Or maybe, have an effect on who you are, I guess they're about the same.

Psychologically, right.

Somebody who's got all their shit together might still be pretty fucked up.

I think it's a little bit more tolerable, but also a lot more lonely to be sober depressed.
Drunk depressed is much harder to take, more intense, but you feel warmer.

I think I have the thinking part down, but I can't get the feeling part. I think it was the opposite before, and that it will be opposite in the future.

03 March 2008

Fucking ROboT

"The dream that so many generations fought for feels like it's slowly slipping away."

Had A Dream

I'm a lot more excited for Tuesday than I ever expected. I think the magic of the event is that I managed to plan a thing that I wanted to do regardless, and drag her into it with zero protest. All that remains is for her to actually show up. I can't help but laugh at the timing of all this and who she seems to be and who I am becoming. All I can think is laughs and fun and bizarre hilarity shall ensue, I know that smile on my face doesn't exist in a vacuum.
I have no shame in saying that she intrigues me, and, well, it doesn't make sense, but I don't care.