17 June 2008

Fattening Frogs for Snakes

Tiny bottles of snakes, lizards and frogs respectively.
Sometimes I can be pretty unpredictable with these things, but goddamnit it feels right.
The title comes from an old blues song "Fattening Frogs for Snakes".
Performed here by Bumblebee Slim:

I'm going to Mexico tonight for two weeks, probably won't post until I get back.

I'm Never Going to Know You Now

Please tell me,
I watched all 7+ hours of Kinji Fukasaku's The Yakuza Papers, and every hour was awesome yakuza shit. Fuck! the themesong is stuck in my head but not!
That is, it's so good, I have the idea of it in my head, all week, but the actual melody, is gone! I'm fumbling with crappy semi-rememberances, and nothing quite like the real thing.
I spent all Friday banging my head 2 it while I worked, but Saturday it was gone. No luck on YouTube. Am I lost in a world of niche-mass-media-isolation?

15 June 2008


Some weeks ago in a search for reinforcement, encouragement for my present political motivations, I ran across the website CrimethinInc.
If the name doesn't tell you what, shit, just go look at it whether or not you think you know what it's about. It'll give you a new paradigm.
At CrimethInc. I found a bunch of "reprints" of older or smaller writings by participants in the movement. Among them "Anarchy and Alcohol" which upon a cursory glance seemed to have some value for me, particularly considering my previous blog Your Label Is Offensive.
Anarchy & Alcohol
For anyone to whom it might make a difference, I think it's better to refer to it not as an addiction or an illness, but as a choice one makes.

Revenge of the Ninja Shirts

This was our seconf Kung Fu Grindhouse t-shirt design, taken from a poster image I came up with for the film Revenge of the Ninja. It has proved extremely popular.


It's over.

I usually take one big trip per year, which means I have to take a couple of weeks off of work. This year it winds up that I leave on the last of my natural days off, so I have three days off before I leave.

I've been having so much fun not doing anything serious that it might be difficult to try and be serious in the next couple of days.

I'm taking a book called Historical Materialism with me to mexico. I figure it'll be good to read about Marxist Socialism while I'm visiting some of Mexicos most popular tourist sites.

I might go to a birthday thing for a pretty girl tomorrow. She's the friend of one of my coworkers. She's got lots of tattoos and is kindof wild. I like that, I've never really tried it, but I doubt it will happen. I suspect I'll end up drawing or something, they won't call me. One of my best friends is in love now and so I don't get to hang out with him anymore. Honestly, I'm glad he's got something going on, I've got whatever thing I have to deal with.

A satisfied emptiness.

13 June 2008

Numerologically Pointless

This is my 260th blog on this server. In recent months,I've noticed a trend of commentary. When I write about personal stuff, subjective struggle, I get comments. When I write political/social commentary/criticism, noone has anything to say.

Barring that my friends are idiots, they're not; people actually want to hear dirty laundry shit more than critical analysis of general human behavior.

Sadly, this proves many points.

12 June 2008

Rough Road Redeemed

After eleven weeks of 18 credits (24 hours) a week of class, I have really got it done. I believe that makes some 6 quarters (1.5 years)of Seattle Central Community College.
The last 3 months were good, we covered a lot of heavy heavy shit. Reading bell hooks, which really fucked me up, lots of Robbins capitalism text, Tuiwai-Smith's ethnic-research text. WOW. I couldn't have asked for a more challenging class. And let me toot my own horn here.
I may not have been the spongiest student in atendance (I'm white, male, hetero and thus, Mr. dominant culture) but the whole class put me in a very fiery frame of mind. One I havent felt since perhaps the age of 18 when I fancied myself a true political activist.

It's 12:10 on a Wednesday night, and I'm drinking whiskey. I feel really good. I got a 4.0 in all three courses, and I'm leaving for a 2 week tour of the Yucatan in less than a week.

I'm listening to Omme Kolsoum; wikipedia.org/wiki/Umm_Khulthum" Omme Kolsoum
A traditional Egyptian/Arabic singer, fantastic.

Let's be frank. Within the last 2 months, but the last week specifically, I've discovered an amazing thing. I love sex, who doesn't. Sex is just the union of meat parts.
Love is so much different! Oh my god! Love is not a side-effect of sex, merely vice versa. Call me an idiot, this is brilliant! Flesh lies. I honestly cannot fathom the last time I was intellectually stimulated by a woman whom I was in a relationship with. That excites me. I could care less about your meat, give me something to think about (J).

Much is in the works. I have more plans than I have space to describe them. Volunteering with numerous awesome local groups, art production. Go, forward, making, doing...

02 June 2008

Creation of Need

It occurs to me that the pharmaceutical and medical science industries and the food industry have a de-facto simbiotic relationship.

The public is little aware, with the exception of nutrition and health specialists, of their actual nutritional needs and ways of taking care of themselves. The FDA is highly succeptible to corporate lobby, and so there is little in the way of objective health and nutrition information readily available to the average consumer.

Packaged industrialized (fast food, slow-food, canned/boxed/wrapped) food is manufactured with some consideration of the health needs of the consumer, but the consumer protection, fairness in labeling, nutritional content labels etc. have been hard won controvertial cases which are relatively new (May 8, 1994 in the US). In any case, this information although posted on the wall in some fast-food restaurants, or available at their corporate websites, as far as I know it is still not legally required for restaurants to provide it. Take for example Subway which proports to have healthier food than other fast-food establishments, yet when reading the fine print, they stste that generally it's only healthier if you have their vegetarian sandwich without mayonaise or cheese. Manupulative (read: selectively honest)advertising does the rest.

This all assumes however that we are all aware of the nutritional content of the food we buy, and our bodies particular needs, though I suspect that this is not the case. So, if on average we don't really know how to properly feed ourselves based on nutrition, but rather choose food based on advertising, taste(flavor:sugar/salt) and class(cost) then we're actively contributing to chronic cumulative debilitating illness.

Assuming the above to be true, as we age, we would predictably become more and more dependant on regulatory drugs to maintain our standard of living re-health. Even if you factor out the natural degradation of the aging body, the effects of poor nutrition would be cumulative and degenerative.
If the public at large is kept uninformed, they will continue to habitually buy unhealthy but heavily advertised products/foods, and eventually have to consume pharmaceutical drugs to "feel well".

Thus, the lack of health and nutrition information directly contributes to future dependence on regulatory pharmaceuticals. In the absence of effective, objective health/nutrition education this ensures a cycle of dependant consumption which esentially guarantees exponential and infinite profits for both drug and food industries. At the expense of our health (and labor considering that we pay them to malnouirish and dope us)

Quick links to food and drug regulatory info:
United States:
Great Brittain and some EU:

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