27 September 2008

Poverty War

Several things ooccoour t me here.
Watching a documentary called "A Place Called Chiapas".
Excellent, confronts the question of poverty vs. (previous capital) privelige.

The primary argument that breaks people, avearge, day-to-day people aprt from each other is inherited privelige.
People who feel that they simply have a right to feed themselves and their family and maybe a friend or two (read: reciprocal community) from their own labor, versus people who feel that they have a hereditary colonial right to huge tracts of land.
It's not an easy problem to divide and placate.

It's a bizarre confrontation of ideology.
The eternal divide: the benefactor and the provider.

This is difficult.

Capitalism is fundamentally flawed, we know that right; the many suffer for the benfit of the few. (and systematical brainwashing convinces each of us that we should each act as an individual(a unique "few"))

So how do you cross the divide from socioanarchism to a capitalist, or democrat, conservo/libero/ObamCainian. When these Canditapitalists tell us that the middle class is suffering? The average person is hurting?


Do we need to wait until the middle of the spectrum suffers to start caring?


The middle means at best HALF! So, um half the population is in suffering, poverty, and now i's important for us to start worrying about our own safety. It's getting to close for comfort, so it matters now. Surprise!

Did you know that there are white people who travel to, and chose to live with opressed indigenous societies with the sole hope that their high profile Western existence will be a deterrent to elimination? Their living bodies are dedicated to preventing the opression of others.

What are the rest of us doing?

24 September 2008

Great Blue

Part of a series of bird illustrations I did which included THESE and THIS.

23 September 2008

Take 2

Preliminary line sketches from photographs for THIS project.

Yakuza Graveyard for Practice

All day long since brunchfast with a beautiful lady I've been drawing, just for practice, from photos and other illustrations.

Looked Up

If nothing else reading Noam Chomsky is good for making me look up lots of stuff.

Shell Game:
The shell game (also known as Thimblerig, Three shells and a pea, the old army game) is portrayed as a gambling game, but in reality, when a wager for money is made, it is a confidence trick used to perpetrate fraud. In confidence trick slang, this famous swindle is referred to as a short-con because it is quick and easy to pull off.

John Dewey:
John Dewey (October 20, 1859 – June 1, 1952) was an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer, whose thoughts and ideas have been greatly influential in the United States and around the world.
In his advocacy of democracy, Dewey considered two fundamental elements, schools and civil society as being key areas needing attention, and indeed, reconstruction in order to encourage experimental intelligence and plurality. In the necessary reconstruction of civil society, Dewey considered full democracy was to be obtained not just by extending voting rights, but also by a fully-formed public opinion, itself accomplished by effective communication among citizens, experts and politicians, with the latter being held accountable for the policies they adopt.

2002 Yemeni Missile Strike:
Ahmed Hijazi (d. November 5, 2002) also known as Kamal Derwish, was a United States citizen killed by the U.S. CIA during a covert mission in Yemen in November 2002. The CIA used an RQ-1 Predator remote-controlled drone to shoot the Hellfire missile that killed Ahmed Hijazi and five other suspected al-Qaida operatives as they rode in a vehicle 100 miles east of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.
(See also Buffalo Six)

Financial Times:
The Financial Times (FT) is a British international business newspaper. It is a morning daily newspaper published in London. The periodical is printed at 24 sites. Its main rival as a daily financial newspaper is the New York City-based Wall Street Journal, which also publishes several international editions.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences:
The American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS) is an organization dedicated to scholarship and the advancement of learning. It serves as a nationwide honor society for the United States.

quotidian - adj. - daily; occurring or recurring every day, common, ordinary, trivial

transfigure - verb - 1.To transform the outward appearance of something; to convert into a different form, state or substance. 2.To glorify or exalt something or someone.

as compared to:

disfigure - verb - Change the appearance of something/someone to the negative.

Sketches from Dean Cornwell

22 September 2008

Colonisation Still Pays

My commentary follows the article.
From Yahoo News 8:00PM PST 9/22/08

LONDON (AFP) - Gem Diamonds, a London-listed mining firm, said on Sunday it had recovered a 478 carat diamond from its mine in Lesotho: the 20th-largest rough diamond ever found.

The discovery of the gem, which the company said had the potential to become one of the largest round-cut diamonds in the world, was made on September 8 at the Letseng mine in Lesotho.
"Preliminary examination of this remarkable diamond indicates that it will yield a record-breaking polished stone of the very best colour and clarity," the company's Chief Executive Clifford Elphick said in a statement.

The diamond, which has not yet been named, has the potential to yield a 150 carat polished stone, a company spokesman said.

That would be far bigger than the 105 carat round-cut Koh-i-Noor diamond seized by Britain from India in the 19th century and now part of the Crown Jewels.

It would still only be a fraction of the size, however, of the Cullinan diamond discovered in 1905, which was 3,106 carats when recovered and yielded a teardrop shaped diamond of 530 carats: the Great Star of Africa.

The Letseng mine is owned by a mining company that is 70 percent owned by Gem Diamonds, with the remaining 30 percent held by the Lesotho government.
Gem Diamond's share price on the London Stock Exchange was 741.50 pence at the close of trading on Friday.

It should be pretty clear at this point, with even a minimal knowledge of the history of Western colonisation and even more so with a knowledge of the history of the colonisation of South Africa that very little has changed since so called "independence". The Black Africans work in the mines and the white Europeans and Afrikaners reap the profits.
Certain strains of people might try and convince you that the companies who own the mines are the ones who invested the capital and energy into developing them into the profitable ventures that they are today so they deserve through their work whatever profits they may find. This is true, however, when the colonists who eventually became the business owners first arrived, the land and it's bounty was held by the people who lived there already, and the white men were only able to invest capital/infrastructure etc. by subjugating (read: killing, terrorising, imprisoning, coercing) the natives. And still, the people actually doing the real work, whether by the lash or the hourly wage, are still in this case, Black Africans.
The precedence argument holds no water when uttered by thieving toungues.
Colonisation never ended, it merely changed forms with the times.
Capital is economic colonialism pure and simple.

Bird Spots

Get one or all of these birds on one inch buttons or magnets for just a buck a piece. Contact eatenbyworms(at)hotmail

18 September 2008

Nuh Tkepuhr

Now that the contest is sealed with a kiss, I can reveal to you the monster I have submitted to the duel for the season finale episode at Beast Battles. Go there and vote for the awesomest beast dude! Radical!

Palin Clarifies Environmental Policy

This article was completely fabricated by Seth Goodkind
September 18, 2008

Washington, D.C.

In a welcome clarification of several of the many issues in Sarah Palins political record that has dogged her nomination, Palin today issued a statement with the endorsement of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain which clarified accusations that she had attempted to ban books from the Wasilla public library during her tenure as mayor between 1996 and 2002.

“Whomever started that rumor will be found and soundly punished.” Palin, speaking to the board of the American Saloth Sar Education Committee.
“Banning books is ridiculous and ineffectual and does not solve the problem of incorrect thoughts. It’s treating the symptoms rather than the sickness as we like to say in my hometown of Wasilla.” She said, apparently forgetting that she was born in Idaho.

It’s plain to me, and I believe senator McCain agrees with me on this, that the wrong books will continue to be written and published if the people who write them are still out there.”

“Our policy is the same effective “disappearance” policy used so successfully by our friends in South America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia when their nations were faced with an internal moral crisis,” she continued, apparently referring to Chilean dictator Augosto Pinochet’s well known campaign of middle of the night kidnappings of dissidents of his 16 year dictatorship.

“Intellectuals should be detained and reeducated and if they are still unable to think correctly afterwards, should be compassionately put out of our misery. As one of the good Christian founders of this nation, Thomas Jefferson said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Finally in a brief retort to her critics who have pointed out her questionable environmental policies as governor of Alaska, Palin concluded her statements this morning by addressing the issues of pollution and global warming, “We have some of the most beautiful skies in Alaska, why would I want to ruin that?”“As good as it feels, burning books produces lots of carbon monoxide which is one of the leading greenhouse gasses. Our policy of imprisonment and execution of intellectuals is environmentally sound because fewer trees will be cut down to print their incorrect books, which would then of course just have to be removed.”

A totally real article about Sarah Palin from the Sept. 13 New York Times Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends, Lashed Foes

Casualties of War

Faces of the Dead

17 September 2008

Bird Test

Just checking to see if these bird drawings for Real Change will look like I had imagined. They do.

Samurai Icons

Some Samurai Helmets and face armor illustrations for Real Change.

16 September 2008

Yet More on Metal

In the ever expanding realms of metal we have discovered the tiny prefecture of Movie Nerd Metal which focuses it's lyrics on movies, usually in the horror or science-fiction genres.
Austrian Death Machine is perhaps a honing of that edge to a very fine point. We'll call it a village in the prefecture. A parody band by Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying, Austrian Death Machine's lyrics are all directly lifted from Arnold Schwartzenegger films.

12 September 2008

Atraction to Buddhism

I have for several years had a clandestine attraction to buddhism for two reasons:

I would very much like to find inner peace; peace with myself as who I am, and with the world as it is.
I would like to find a way to approach the world with nothing but benevolence. As it is I harbor too much bitterness. (any is too much as far as I'm concerned)

Drawbacks to buddhism as far as I know (which is very little):
It is a faith system.
Features a heirarchy of holiness.
Requires prayer.

Buddhism is a psychology and not a faith. This I heard somewhere.
Buddhism is about pro-active compassion and acceptance for everything. This is my ideal.
Buddhism does not necessarily require prayer or heirarchy.
Buddhism can be a way of finding freedom from suffering. This is one of the tenets, right?

Frankly, I want a systemic guidance system of progressive selflessness.
I want to be brainwashed? No.
I don't think that Buddhism is brainwashing, but I'm not convinced that it is not a deity system that requires faith and heirarchichal fanatical devotion.
I am guessing. I sometimes get short of breath and a bit teary when I think of "inner peace".
There is a buddhist temple extremely close my house.

More on Metal

Roky Erikson is an early founder of the Movie Nerd Metal subgenre, particularly with his 1981 album The Evil One which features songs about the films The Creature With The Atom Brain (1955), I Walked With A Zombie (1943), and Night of the Vampires (1964). It's interesting to note that Erikson involuntarily underwent electroconvulsive therapy and suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Many of Eriksons other songs also have bizzare science-fiction or horror themes although not usually directly related to films.

In addition, referring to the previous entry of this blog Niche Metal, and a recent entry on Gone to Croatoan, Awards and Demerits I would like to forward as a matter of opinion the name of a band signed to Razorback Records and their first album as possibly the best combination to induce hilarious visuals:

Fuck...I'm Dead - Bring on The Dead

White Zombie also falls into the category of Movie Nerd Metal, although their songs deal less with the subject matter of specific films prefering instead to use taglines and titles as the foundation to develop lyrics. Ex: The lyric "Who Will Survive and What Will be Left of Them?" is one of the taglines of 1974's Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The song "More Human than Human" gets it's title from a line in the film Bladerunner. The name of the band itself is taken dirctly from the 1932 film of the same name starring Bela Lugosi.

It should come as no surprise then that founder and frontman Rob Zombie has gone on to direct horror films.

11 September 2008

Niche Metal

While we're discussing the subject of metal and its various subcategories as a music genre, I'd like to bring up a possible further subdivision, or barring that, at the very least another subcategory.

I refer to metal which has lyrics about specific horror films. For example the metal band Engorged whose 2001 self titled album features songs covering the entire original George Romero zombie film trilogy from Night of the Living Dead to Day of the Dead, with a song between Dawn and Day covering the Lucio Fulci zombie film entries Zombi 2 and The Beyond.

The album also features songs about the films Hellraiser, Slithis, They Live, Mad Max, Shockwaves, Eaten Alive and Bad Taste.

The Engorged 2004 album "Where the Monsters Dwell" features even more songs about horror films including a song about Return of the Living Dead:

Army chemical remains
They're opened againToxic gas escapes - 245 Trioxin!
The two are in pain -The change begins
No one survives but the unlucky few
Smell the gas, breathe your last
Send the cops, gory props
Munch the brain, down the pain
Covert Ops, bodies drop


Acid rain, atomic blast
Deadly earth, masses gassed
The dead have risen from their graves!
On the hunt for human brains!

If you notice, they actually refer to the props, clearly acknowledging the whole thing as a lengthy movie reference even beyond the subject matter.

The Engorged may fit more acurately within one of the established genre's of metal, death, thrash perhaps and simply have genre specific lyrics. I think that is the case, but I would also consider a subcategory of metal maybe called one of the following:
Horror Metal
Gorror Metal
Zombie Metal
Movie Nerd Metal

Engorged was originally signed to Razorback Records who have a plethora of other metal bands who may fall into the same genre as Engorged, as Razorback is a self professed niche metal label.

09 September 2008

Mexico Mugshot

Taken at the Wal-Mart in Merida, Estado de Yucatan for the Mexican Immigration Dept.

Moving On In a Way

At the end of my rope so to speak I finally gave my two-weeks notice at the restaurant I cook at. I've been a line/prep cook since I was 19 with a one year block of time in there when I was working at the "Bone Shop" building anatomical models in Albuquerque.

For a long time I really never thought about it, it was just a job, and really it still is. It is a necessary evil that affords me the relative financial stability to pursue my interests in the rest of my life. I've been going to school full time and traveling to Europe and Mexico, not to mention the other stuff.

More recently however It's been a bit trying, I've been struggling with the concept of "failure". More accurately perhaps the idea of not really achieving your dreams, of which the recurrent themes of stress, near-poverty, subordinate status all are bright shining reminders. So what I'm saying is that recently I have been more frequently thinking about what I have achieved towards my goals, and what I have not.
Is my status as a wage labor schlub shameful considering my abilities? Shouldn't I have done better by now, there are certainly people I have known who would say so, who held me in greater contempt for each day that passed in impotent anonimity.

The truth is, I resent authority, no surprise there. I've hated taking orders since I was a child, and I wound up in an industry where that's all one ever does. For that same reason I've never seriously sought promotion within the system.
At the same time, I don't think there is any shame in being a wage laborer, if there was, 96% of the western (service economy) world should be ashamed. Nope, it's the nature of the system, the work has to be done and to keep from starvation or the dole, one has to do it.

I think what made me feel a little bit insecure about myself in this regard was when I told people I was still a cook, not that I was one at all. And that despite the fact that I didn't like it much, I knew that I didn't want the additional baggage of promotion or higher quality establishments.

Well, I'm not going to be a cook anymore, though not a far cry from it. Instead I'll be hocking seafood at the local grocery-store. Frankly, it's an experiment as much as a new job. There are pro's and con's, overwhelmingly the former so far.

The fact remains this is just a step. I'm not going to slow down.

08 September 2008

Josh White & Skip

When acquiring this broader audience he believed it was vitally important to improve his singing diction so that his story songs could be understood by the world masses, a fact that has dismayed some folk and blues purists who felt he should have stayed true to his roots as the rural country blues artist from South Carolina.

Oh and I couldn't help but add asome Skip James:

05 September 2008

Word Search 2

Apropos - adj. - Of an appropriate or pertinent nature.

laconic - adj. - Using as few words as possible to communicate much information; pithy and concise.

venal - adj. - venous; pertaining to veins

Gordian Knot - N. - From the name of a legendary knot tied to a pole near the temple of Zeus in Gordium. It was prophesied that whoever loosed the knot would become ruler of all Asia. Alexander the Great solved the puzzle by slicing through the knot and took it as a sign of Zeus's favor. He then proceeded to conquer much of the known world.

corporatism - N. - Political system in which power is exercised through large organizations (businesses, trade unions, etc) working in concert with each other, under the direction of the state.

04 September 2008

Sweet Georgia on Their Minds

“The free world cannot allow the destiny of a small independent country to be determined by the aggression of a larger neighbor,” Ms. Rice said in Washington.

“President Bush has sent me here with a clear and simple message to the people of Azerbaijan and the entire region: The United States has deep and abiding interests in your well-being and security.”

Azerbaijan, like Georgia, is a former Soviet republic that has sought closer ties to the West and the United States, and it is a vital crossroads for oil and gas from the Caspian Sea and beyond that from Central Asia.

Underscoring the point, Mr. Cheney’s first meetings here in Baku were with representatives of two international oil companies: William Schrader of BP Azerbaijan and Robert Dastmalchi of Chevron, according to a spokeswoman, Megan M. Mitchell.
from the New York Times, Sept. 4, 2008, White House Unveils $1 Billion Georgia Aid Plan


Up until last night I didn't really think that the McCain camp was really going to be much of a threat to Obamas candidacy.
McCain always seemed to be trying to convince people that he was serious, he was just a little too moderate especially for the far right.
I was at the point where I didn't really have a problem voting for the Green Party Candidate Cynthia McKinney because I didn't feel like Obama would have any problems.
Then came McCains vice presidential nominee.

If he'd had his way he would have had Joe Lieberman, a choice that would have been liberal enough perhaps to siphon off the moderate Hillary Democrats and really screw Obamas chances while still alienating the religio-fascist right.
But Sarah Palin may do something else entirely. I havent read the newpaper yet, but the verb Electrifies Party doesn't sound too good. And here we all thought she was already dead-wood.

I think they're both crooks, but Obama's a right enough Dem. and McCain a left enough Rep. It didn't matter. What frightens me now is that while she may have eliminated any chance of Mod-Dem's voting for the McCain/Jesus team, I'm scared enough of her insane backwoods fundamentalism winning that I want to vote for Obama now.

Well so much for creating a viable third party this year folks.

Easiest Task for Palin May Have Been Speech
Palin Disclosures Raise Questions on Vetting