29 December 2009

Rest In Peace

Now the rest is up to Phill.


This creeps me out more than just a little bit. It was the second cover I did for Real Change, I was embarased that they used it.

Repetition Ad Nauseum

The more I think of them,
There are long-standing metaphors for hurt and anger.

But I can't find one that really makes any sense.

So I give up,
My own emotions don't mean anything because there is no poignant metaphor
No vivid visceral churn or appeal that translates easily into word or letter.
I cannot tread lightly, nor can I cease to tread,
In the end, mercifully unsympathetic.

I've spent years and years trying to invoke this invisible space,
To translate this laughable babylonia of pain into some longstanding prophesy.
A simple everyman.

Ultimately, the world revolves around no one.

28 December 2009


Perhaps it's not funny or remarkable now but,

loud noises,


righteous indignation,

and breaking, don't make pain go away.

Just checking, it has been a while.

22 December 2009

17 December 2009

9 Stages

9 Stages of A Decaying Corpse
late 13th century Japan
Used by Buddhist monks to meditate on the fleeting nature of the physical body and overcome desire.

05 December 2009

I Made A Sloppy

Blasted out in a few hours this "Norris Christ" may be the most blasphemous artwork I've ever done. Too bad it's so sloppy.

04 December 2009

Norris Noggins

I was trying to figure out a cartoonish look I could use for Chuck Norris on this years Chucksmas poster.

03 December 2009

You Might Want a Glass of Water

I now find it to be a rather dry read myself, but for those of you interested in reading about the Seattle Depression Era Communist newspaper the Voice of Action,my essay is online at
The Great Depression in Washington State. Look under the headings Radicalism, and then Learn More. Personally I would recommend reading some of the other papers too.

01 December 2009

I Dreamed I Were A Cephalopod

Instead of working on final papers and such last week, I drew this for no reason in particular other than I felt like drawing it as it came to mind while I was at work. Not that we're selling squid at the moment, I just happened to be at work when it came to mind.