10 July 2010

Some Friends Are Special

I dreamed last night that you asked me for forgiveness and despite everything in my guts that told me no, I said "OK," and I gave you a hug and we were friends again, and I tried to help you deal with your shit.

I woke up just a moment or two later terribly happy, but suddenly aware that it was only a dream, and I quickly realized that you weren't my friend anymore, and I was downtrodden. I tried to strengthen my resolve by telling myself that if I could dream it, I could do it right? If I could forgive you in a dream I could really do it for real.

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L Brackley said...

Friends are special. They are the cliche saying - 'the family that we choose.'
Their actions/choices can hurt, because they matter.
I'm sorry about this one, because I know it is and it was special. Wishing I could sip some coffee next to you and listen.