31 March 2010


Not my best work, but it serves its purpose and meets the requirements. I have been working on this tattoo design commission for a year and boy am I glad to be done. See the preliminary sketches HERE and HERE.

30 March 2010

Specifically I was interested in what the hell a pogrom was since I read enough tragic history in the form of war/genocide and/or social justice/political philosophy and see this term with some regularity. WIkipedia of course delivered the goods in a form, including this uplifting photograph of people who are not Armenians and who were not persecuted and driven from Turkey.

Acute Case of Verbiage


28 March 2010

Gore Punk Band

Yummy Mummy

Back Slapper

There's a lot of these around lately.

New Mexican

I had the mantis version tattooed on my right arm, inside elbow.

The mantis is available for $1 as a 1" magnet or button.

24 March 2010


The difference between us the Anarchists, who preach self-government and none else, and Moralists who in times past and present have asked for individual responsibility, is this, that while they have always framed creeds and codes for the purpose of holding others to account, we draw the line upon ourselves. Set the standard as high as you will; live to it as near as you can; if you fail, try yourself, judge yourself, condemn yourself if you choose. Teach and persuade your neighbor if you can; consider and compare his conduct if you please; speak your mind if you desire; but if he fails to reach your standard or his own, try him not, judge him not, condemn him not.
He lies beyond your sphere; you cannot know the temptation nor the inward battle nor the weight of circumstances upon him. You do not know how long he fought before he failed. Therefore you cannot be just. Let him alone.

-Voltairine deCleyre, Crime and Punishment

07 March 2010