24 April 2010

Woodcuts of Gabriel Gahona

"The Congress voted a scholarship to send young Gabriel Gahona to study art in Italy, and though he only got as far as Havana, the money was well spent. His woodcuts, which began to appear on his return [to Yucatan] in 1847, were skillful caricatures of the manners and morals of the local scene, anticipating the style of the better known Mexican Guadalupe Posada." The following year Gahona was teaching an art class at the Academy of Science and Literature in Merida.
from The Caste War of Yucatan - Nelson Reed, University of Stanford Press 2001

18 April 2010

New Mexus Nexus

For any of you who think that my home state of New Mexico is just another state in the Union, or for those who forgot that such a place didn't require a passport; here's a glimpse of The Land Of Enchantment.
Pajaritos Mesa
I didn't grow up in this place, or in these conditions, but it definitely gives one an honest impression of the mentality that pervades the Zia State.
Por eso soy orgulloso ser Nuevo Mexicano.

07 April 2010

02 April 2010


Saddened by the discontinuation of VHS manufacture (two years after the fact) but simultaneously gladdened by the fifth anniversary of Kung Fu Grindhouse, Phill and I produced this double commemorative shirt design. It was supposed to be a black and white imprint, but our skills and equipment are crude. Thus, handpainted blood drips.

01 April 2010

Brief Note On Being White and Male

It feels pretty disingenuous to be sitting in the library of an expensive state college, typing on my new laptop and listening to militant hip-hop while the old black woman whose office is the janitorial closet across the aisle hobbles down the stacks sweeping up trash.
But here I am.