02 June 2011

Bleeding Hearts

I try and contribute to the causes I believe in despite my modest income. I suppose some people might try and focus their efforts on one organization or issue in particular in order to concentrate their energies instead of doling them out bit by bit like pissing a little in lots of different oceans. Maybe it would do more good that way, I don't know because that's not how I do it. I'm a sucker for just about any cause that I find compelling or important and as a result I've ended up where I am now, thinking I should have chosen my battles more surgically.

Since any program, foundation or organization even remotely resembling social or moral responsibility is getting a very crocodilian and hand wringing evisceration from State and Federal Democrapitalists and even wealthy donors, every cause I've even looked at longingly is knocking on my wallet asking for help. Even the Seattle Public Library is now soliciting for donations through the mail. As my room mate put it "All Microsoft would have to do if they truly stood by their professed commitment to fostering education, would be to wave at the Library and their financial woes could be solved."

Maybe they will, maybe they wont, but public education and public space, (libraries are one of the last non-commercial public places in this country) however are not terribly high on the plutocracy's love-child list these days. In any case, I'll be paying of my fines and then some in the next few days, but in some ways I wish I hadn't been so philanthropic (and believe me I really haven't been) so I wouldn't be persistently harassed with need. Jeeze, I'm starting to sound like a politician.

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