16 February 2011

Died In Space

Part one of the Soyuz 11 project. Each of these is actually assembled from three different pieces of paper to give it a three dimensional "medallion" look.

15 February 2011


For a Real Change article that wasn't really about anything except a bored security guard.

Nebula 2

Wow, somehow I forgot to enrich the black after scanning this one.


02 February 2011

Postage Hero






Have a Powerful Rainforest Experience. I love marketing and sloganeering. Not from a practical standpoint, as in "I love (engaging in) marketing". But I do love observing its myriad manifestations. I wonder what the hell the marketing departments of these companies are thinking when they come up with this ridiculous transcendental shit for glorified sugar. They're likely thinking that it works because it more or less seems to.
The problem I see with this is that it blurs the line between reality and fantasy in such a way that logic becomes less urgent, less integral to the daily experience for the consumer. This is nothing new of course, the 1920's advertising campaign for cigarettes which asserted them as "torches of freedom" for women. The experience of something, be it "liberation and equality" with men, "Cokeness", or a "Rainforest Experience" does not exist outside the actual experience, except as a memory of the experience. By conflating the purchase and consumption of the product with an experience the consumer is encouraged to think of their purchase as having accomplished something, having expressed or asserted something other than a financial transaction.

I think very few of us see the things we buy as part of the formation of our identity, or as an integral part of who we are. We don't make these mental calculations when we are deciding which energy drink to buy, or whether to buy one at all. When we do purchase things it of course generates profit for the manufacturer which is their ultimate goal regardless of the slogan, but it also serves as further advertisement for the product. Hence the use of distinctive and recognizable packaging and logos. But somehow it becomes this way, many of us in a search for identity in a society full of sensationalist individualist promise, yet little delivery, we're seeking something to be. One of the few things we have power over is ourselves and our purchases, hence the one becomes the other, branding. 
And we don't have to consider what we stand for.