30 April 2011

Soyuz 11 Cosmonauts

Here's the final version of the cosmonaut cameos for the Soyuz 11 project.

29 April 2011

Soyuz Floater

The final layout of the Soyuz 11 project. Initially the three cameos of the astronauts were going to be on there as well, but it crowded the space too much and made it feel less infinite if you will. Plus I really liked the result of that nebula painting and didn't want to cover any more of it up. The cameos will be framed separately on another starfield.
For the record, the astronauts on that particular mission did not leave the capsule on a spacewalk.

20" x 16"
Pen, gouache and watercolor on illustration board
$600 as a set with the cosmonaut cameos
$450 by itself

Cruzob Background pencils

The pencils were not quite complete when my friend Larry helped me take this picture of the Cruzob background, but you get the general idea. The inks are in progress now.

27 April 2011

Splat Flash

I'm not a graffiti writer but I have an appreciation for it and sometimes it comes out of me in strange ways, usually involving gore and/or zombies. I've also been looking at some old tattoo designs as I work on a sleeve for myself.
The stretchy burned-skin/swirling fire thing is interesting and in this case reminded me of rubber-cement or latex.


A skull graphic I worked up for a t-shirt design. In the last year or so I've seen a lot of Mao graphics around Seattle. They remind me a lot of the Che Guevara graphic in that the image is stripped of any context and becomes an icon, with meaning applied in the mind of the observer. It's like history completely stripped of fact and reimagined as a product. Medal of Honor is what we get for a World War II history lesson. But people eat that shit up, the iconic, the graphically interesting, the visceral, it's what United Statesian politics are all about. Screw the facts.
Anyway, the shirt is going to be an image of Idi Amin.

21 April 2011

Brain Brawl

11" x 14"
pen, watercolor and gouache on board 

Cruzob background sketch plan

A plan for the background of the Cruzob saint painting I've been mulling over for almost a year. It is now moving very rapidly forward.