18 April 2012

New Take on Portraits

As part of a project for Real Change News I was asked to do a portrait of their volunteer photographer. (He came and took a photo of me) I started off doing it in my usual style, heavy on pen lines and hatching, (like the Soyuz cameos) but I screwed up the background so I started again.

This time I did a little hunting for other portraits rendered in watercolor by other artists and ran across the blog of James Gurney. Following some of the technique, tips and examples he had on there I tried something a bit different. Not bad for a first try I suppose, although I'm not sure it looks like Lucien.

I actually look like a real artist in this photo. Thanks Lucien.

1 comment:

Plipt said...

I like it, feels good to try new techniques. And you Seth, damn, what a hunk.