23 May 2012

June Show

If you're in the Seattle area, stop by the Sunset next month and see my good friend Phill's and my artwork. You may have seen much of my stuff here on the blog, but the real thing is so much better. Phill's epic paintings are not to be missed either.

22 May 2012

Juan de la Cruz

This is the final version of the Cruzob project that I'd been working on last year. It's been finished for a while but I just got it matted and framed so that its ready to hang in the show next month.
In the end it's not what I had expected, but it turned out nicely.

18 May 2012

Own Your Own Goodkind Art

Here's an incomplete list of my original artworks and novelty reproductions that you can get for your very own. Contact me at eatenbyworms(at)hotmail for details on anything.
 Some items are also listed at my Etsy store "An Enormous Door"
This list will be updated with new stuff as I produce it and can always be found by clicking the FOR SALE image to the left.
Thanks for supporting my art!

Saint Bronson - $30
11" x 14" signed and numbered (of 50)
Saint Marvin  -  $30
11" x 14" signed and numbered (of 50)
Liberation - $25
11" x 14" signed and numbered (of 30)
Mr. T Man and Brother - $12
8" x 8" signed and numbered (of 25)

5.5" x 7" (folded) set of two

MAGNETS/BUTTONS: Just a buck a piece (plus shipping)
Take your pick of either magnets or buttons, designs are the same

Soyuz 11 Set - 4 magnets/buttons on a hanger card - $8
VHS Variety Pack - 4 magnets/buttons on a humorous hanger card - $8
Saint Bronson (face only)
Jaguar Jaw
San Pancho Heart
Mimbreno Mantis
Cephalopod Plutocracy
Birds of Seattle

Any of the following prints are available on a shirt for $15 (click link to view image)
Kung Fu Grindhouse:
Richard Harrison (light shirts only)
Cynthia Rothrock (light shirts only)
Idi Amin: Kiss The Cook (dark shirts only)
Casual Bronson (dark shirts only)
Joseph Stalin misses his homies (dark shirts only)
Stuart Gordon Tribute (dark shirts only) 
Maya Snake and Eagle Duel shirts (light or dark) and hoodies (black only)

(some of these will be hanging through August 2012)
Click Links to see images and details:
Maya Vision
The Boot
Soyuz 11 set (part 1) (part 2)
Man and Brother
San Pancho
Crow 1
Crow 2
Land and Freedom Vietnam Style
Bot Input
The Steal
SS Relief
Brain Brawl
Smoking Typewriter
Seattle Vice
La Familia se Fueron
Zombie Obama
Dream Diagram 1
Dream Diagram 2
Dream Diagram 3
Hue City and Khe Sanh
Two Headed Rooster

Bustos at Mexic-Arte

While I was in Austin, Texas this last week I went to a couple of art museums including the Blanton at UT where they had a large display of paintings from the Hudson River school of romantic lanscapes. Still, while these were interesting and well composed, the more interesting stuff was to be seen (for less money) at the Mexic-Arte Museum just a few blocks away. The primary exhibit was a collection of linocut prints by Mexican artist Arturo Garcia Bustos. Bustos was a student under Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera where he studied painting, but his better known works seem to consist of these prints. When the museum opened in 1983, Bustos donated some of his prints, and these, as well as a number of prints on loan from Mexico are on display through July 18th, 2012. What impressed me most about his work was his strong sense of composition which, despite 'busy', detailed and highly political pieces like these here is very distinct. The one above in particular really impressed me.

Unfortunately there are also very few images of his work that are of a resolution worth posting here. If I had known there was so little to be found, I would have taken more pictures with my cellphone. I've searched for books of the artists work and have found a few in Spanish, but they're quite expensive and I'm hesitant to spend too much sight unseen. Bustos art is amazing and really deserves to be seen by more people.

01 May 2012

Man and Brother

10" x 10"
pen, watercolor and gouache on board
(this piece will be hanging through August, 2012)

The abolition movement, begun in England had a medallion image printed in the late 1870's which pictured a shackled slave and read "Am I Not a Man and Brother?"

Mr. T stated that his chains were a "symbol of his people brought from Africa as slaves," and that he had "turned his chains into gold to show that I had gone from rags to riches, from welfare to faring well."

Watercolor Portraits

 I've been trying to practice working quickly with watercolors so that I can become good enough to do these on the fly. Getting there, slowly.